Affording disadvantaged youth the opportunity to discover the world.

Vision Statement

Our vision is for all youth to be granted the opportunity to realise and achieve their dreams through travel and experiential learning.

Mission Statement

The Foundation of Student Horizons provides financial assistance to disadvantaged youth throughout Australasia; affording them the opportunity to realise their dreams through group travel and experiential learning.

About Us

The Foundation of Student Horizons is a registered Charity with DGR (deductible gift recipient) status. It was established by education travel company Student Horizons who saw the need to fill a gap in our community to ensure all youth had access to travel and experiential learning.

Founding Director of Student Horizons, Jamie Wansey is an avid believer that encouraging experiential learning through physical exploration is a must for today’s generation. He strongly feels that travelling young can provide a strong sense of global interconnectedness and develop a deeper understanding and tolerance for today’s ever-changing world.

Through more than a decade working in the youth travel industry, Jamie is convinced that combining education with travel has a lasting and positive effect on young peoples' life choices and values. He became acutely aware that many young people were missing out on these life-changing experiences, so set out to change that reality.

It was with this vision in mind that The Foundation of Student Horizons was established; to provide support for disadvantaged youth, and help reduce the number of young people unable to take advantage of educational travel opportunities due to financial hardship.

For further information about The Foundation of Student Horizons, or to find out how you can help, email

How does the Foundation Work?

In partnership with Student Horizons, schools and community members, The Foundation of Student Horizons works proactively together to identify youth who are most likely to benefit through support from the Foundation.

Identified students and/or groups are then put forward, through an application process, to a dedicated decision-making body who will manage the selection process and make a decision on what percentage of the requested amount will be funded.

How can you help?

The Foundation of Student Horizons welcomes your support and provides a number of donation options for donors who wish to give to the Foundation. These include and are not limited to; Cheque or Cash, Pledges, Direct Sponsorship, Bequests, Establishment of Scholarships, Gifts in Kind and Crowd Funding.

Engage in the Journey

One of The Foundation’s favourite methods for donation is through online direct sponsorship. This option engages the donor with the recipient(s) and provides the donor with the opportunity to learn more about the person(s) or group they choose to support. Depending on the donor’s situation, a range of ‘sliding scale’ donor amounts can be selected to suit specific budgets or a general donation can be made directly to the Foundation.

Let the Journey Begin!

Through donating to The Foundation of Student Horizons today, you are helping make travel and experiential learning possible for disadvantaged youth in our community. The Foundation of Student Horizons thanks you in advance for your support and acknowledges all gifts by way of receipt for tax purposes.